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  1. Bikes vs cars?

    Oh!  You're right   Well, I have been there as well - though only for a tour of the place, not as a spectator for any event.  No offence to Donington but I think the experience might feel a bit more special at Silverstone, in terms of the facilities and whatnot.  I guess I'll get him to find out how much tickets are, then base a decision on that.  
  2. "ten times better"

    At least they both got into quali two today...early signs of improvement perhaps?  I'm sure there are a whole bunch of reasons for the poor performance that are beyond my understanding but it is still a weird scenario to see a team effectively go backwards when they used to be brilliant.  I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for the drivers.  
  3. Bikes vs cars?

    I've been to Donington Park to see the Touring Car Championship, and a friend of mine thinks we should go to this year's Moto GP but I'm not sure.  I've seen it on TV and I can't put my finger on why, but it just doesn't excite me like an event with cars.  Have you been to a Moto GP event?  What did you think?  Is it worth going because it's better in person?  
  4. McLaren's paint job

    Mmm...don't like it.  I understand changing the imagery within a design, or tweaking things to better suit sponsor logos, but to change the main colour seems really weird.  The main colour is like the team's identity to me - now they look like they're trying to imitate the Lotus but with orange bits instead of yellow.  
  5. On a cold wet hillside...

    It could be me being naive, but it seems so unnecessarily reckless to let people be so near the action.  Like, how many documentaries have there been about the era in F1 when horrendous accidents killed multiple spectators (was it in the 60s? maybe the 50s?) - the sport learnt from it and changed things because it's just not acceptable for the audience to be at risk.  I get that you can't build grandstands to watch rallying because of its nature, but that surely isn't a reason to shrug shoulders and allow the spectator risk to continue?  
  6. Oh I would LOVE to, but it would take us so much time to save up just to pay for the flights never mind the race weekend itself.    However it's nice to have something to aim for, so we might start planning a number of years ahead for a once in a lifetime trip to coincide with a Significant Wedding Anniversary or something.  
  7. On a cold wet hillside...

    I guess that for insurance purposes they can't let anyone just wander in, as they might get too close to the road and put themselves in danger.  Wasn't there something in the news a while back about an accident involving spectators somewhere?  Scotland maybe?  
  8. So it's not news that Mexico is on the calendar this year, but how excited are we about it?  Does it shape up to be a great and classic circuit?  I wasn't into F1 back in the 90s when it was last used so I don't really know anything about it.  
  9. On a cold wet hillside...

    Sounds cool - I've never understood with rallying though, do you buy tickets or just turn up and watch from wherever you like?  It sounds unlikely that any organisation would pass up the chance to make money from ticket sales.  
  10. Fantastic!  Do you think you'll go again next year?  I read today that the 2016 Australian GP is not going to be till April, instead of the usual mid-March.  Something about trying to reduce the gaps between races later in the year.  
  11. Back in Europe!

    So the 2015 season is soon to hit Spain and for all us Brits and Europeans, the races will feel a bit more within range (both distance and price!).  Have you ever been to the Circuit de Catalunya?  What did you like or dislike about the experience?  
  12. Where did you end up choosing to sit Deppoccanot?  Did you have a good time?  I have cousins who live in Sydney and have long wanted to tie in a visit to see them with the Aussie GP.  But every time I get close to saving up a decent amount, some unexpected bill or expense arrives and wipes it out.  
  13. Long way to go...

    Um, it's not exactly high on my 'to-do' list.  It's probably very ignorant of me, but I have the impression it's just a desert with a track in it.  I know Dubai's in that same area, and that has quite a lot to do, but how similar are the two countries?  
  14. What do you think this might mean for other European races?  How low does attendance have to get before other circuits or countries get the chop?  I've never been a race in person but one day I hope to...but not if it means long-haul travel!  
  15. Handbags at dawn!

    I'm sure I've heard Lewis say in interviews that he's all about putting things in the past.  Like, once a race weekend is over, any gripes like that get talked over and put aside for the next weekend.  But surely it's only human to dwell on things a little bit?  Personally, I'd find it hard to forgive and forget...