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  1. On a cold wet hillside...

    I live in North Wales, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to see some rallying in person last year.  But being Wales - and being November - it was not the most comfortable viewing experience.  Never have I been so glad to have good walking boots, waterproof trousers and a windproof coat!  But I suppose that's all part of the atmosphere, and I'm sure I'll be back again this November.  
  2. Bikes vs cars?

    Absolutely.  I keep dropping hints to my wife about how much fun a driving experience at Silverstone would be.  Y'know...what with my birthday coming up and all.  I'd love to get behind the wheel of a two-seater!  
  3. "ten times better"

    Wow, reading your post now I can only say that if quali two was frustrating, yesterday's race must have just about killed them inside.  What a shambles - a visor strip wrecking Alonso's race by landing in his brake duct?  And Jenson limping home in 16th?  You've got to wonder whether either of them will stick around next year...contract or no contract.  
  4. "ten times better"

    Jenson has said that the McLaren felt "ten times better" around the Barcelona circuit in practice - does this mean that we might finally get to see him and Alonso actually achieving something this weekend?  It feels like a parallel universe when two world champions in a team of such heritage are stuck languishing near the back of the grid...I don't like it!  
  5. Bikes vs cars?

    My dad went a few years back and loved it, but he is one of those who slates F1 for being boring, so his tastes are clearly different to yours and mine (i.e. wrong!).  Personally I like to try new things, so if I had the opportunity I would go.  Bear in mind that there are multiple races (like how an F1 spectator gets to see GP2 etc as well) so it would be a good full day.  Is it not in Silverstone though?  
  6. McLaren's paint job

    But Mercedes is silver, so there have been two silver teams for a while now. While I know what you mean, one team can’t really claim a colour as ‘theirs’…though I’d pity any team that turned up in red, the Scuderia wouldn’t take too kindly to it! 
  7. McLaren's paint job

    Soooo...opinions?  I can only assume they're hoping a total overhaul might bring them luck because it sure as heck can't be considered an aesthetic improvement.  Reminds me of Minardi (remember them?) from way back when.  
  8. On a cold wet hillside...

    You're remembering this story I imagine.  Terribly tragic thing to happen, but I don't think it would have made a difference whether people have tickets or have sneaked in - a spectator is going to stand where they get a good view, and unfortunately in that case it was the wrong place.  
  9. Mexico back on the F1 map

    Well, they have certainly pumped a lot of investment into it, and with Perez currently active in F1 I think there will certainly be a good local demand.  I read an article that said the track is surrounded by 21 million F1 fans (imagine if they all turned up!!).  In terms of how the race will be, I believe there have been amendments to the original layout, so effectively it will be different to anything held there before.  I guess we'll just have to tune in to find out...
  10. On a cold wet hillside...

    No you're quite right - they do charge for tickets (though thankfully not Bernie Ecclestone prices!).  I assume some people must try to turn up and watch from the side if they know the area well enough, but I myself bought a forest ticket for the Clocaenog stage and also went to the 'RallyFest' stage at Chirk Castle.  Two very different experiences but both very enjoyable - better facilities at the castle, obviously!  
  11. Is Ferrari as good, as they look...

    Part of me wonders whether Alonso was looking for a way to ease towards retirement without looking like he was just giving up on ever winning another championship.  But then, I guess the 'winner' mentality never goes away, so it's unlikely he'd deliberately move to a team that's unlikely to be challenging up front just to have an easy final year.  
  12. The 2015 NASCAR guide for beginners

    When Red Bull F1 had a celebration day in Milton Keynes (after winning the second championship I think) David Coulthard drove a NASCAR up and down the streets - it was amazing!  Super-loud!  I'd love to have a go at driving one on a track.  
  13. I do have to wonder how Bernie expects things to carry on the way that they are.  There's going to come a point when the older fans who can still afford to go may not be able to, and there will be no 'next generation' of fans coming through to replace them.  It really annoyed me when he said F1 doesn't need to appeal to younger fans because they don't have the income needed to spend on Rolex watches and other sponsors' goods.  
  14. Long way to go...

    To be honest, I had to Google it to even pinpoint where it is..!  Turns out it's actually an island in between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and it's relatively small, so probably not a desert like you were thinking (no vast Sahara-like landscapes).  Tourism-wise, it looks like the main sights are forts and museums.  So in all, probably quite quiet in comparison to the bustle of Dubai.  
  15. Long way to go...

    Bahrain - it's a long way to go to watch a race that I personally didn't find all that exciting today.  I guess the main body of spectators are the super-wealthy who can afford to jet in for the day, soak up the champagne and then be off.  I doubt many 'regular' fans would travel so far, especially as the place is probably not exactly full of other things to do to justify the air fare.  Would you go?  
  16. Coca-Cola 600

    It's great how sport can lead us to travel to places we might not otherwise have gone.  I know a lot of people travel to places just to try a certain food - that's never really appealed to me (too much of a McDonald's addict!), but I would definitely consider visiting a new destination if there was a motor sport event attached.  
  17. Daytona 500

    I have to say, it looks like a great spectacle and Jeffrey's comment that the vibe there is friendly is encouraging.  As a UK motorsport fan, I'd have to budget pretty carefully though (air fare is SO expensive!!) - is it possible to buy packages with tickets and accommodation?  What kind of area is Daytona, away from the track?  
  18. Handbags at dawn!

    I would guess that in the heat of the moment, when he's blasting round at a hundred and whatever miles an hour, even if Lewis believes he doesn't dwell on things his gut instincts are going to be founded on "how can I make this better for me?".  And the fact is that sometimes the best way to do that is to makes things harder for your rival.  
  19. Where to get tickets for London?

    I'm thinking of going to the London rounds in June, but the Formula E site itself doesn't seem to offer the facility to buy tickets yet.  It just says 'Coming Soon'.  Does anyone know when they will become available, and any idea of what the price might be?  
  20. Handbags at dawn!

    I'd like to say that Lewis wouldn't do something like that deliberately, but...there was the whole 'Nico deliberately ruined Lewis' quali lap in Monaco' thing last year.  Maybe he's getting him back for that?  Lewis doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would be so calculating, but then, neither did Nico till Monaco.  Either way, things still seemed pretty frosty at Bahrain quali today..!